The fear of being far away

We were in Chiangmai having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, and as we were leaving I noticed a young man, around 28 years old who was sobbing, uncontrollably.  I asked Artur to take the kids and I stayed back, I walked up to him and I just hugged him and cried with him, because seeing him cry was really heartbreaking.  He then told me that he was heading back to France where his mother was dying of Cancer.  He worked and lived in Chiangmai and his father had just called him to tell him that soon his mother would cease to exist.  We parted with smiles and tears in our eyes.

I joined Artur and told him what had just happened and we agreed to write this article about the fears of being far away.  Because one of my biggest fears is that fomenting will happen to my mom (Magoo) and that if that happens I'd be far away.  Because it's already difficult for me to be away from her, we have a very special relationship and she also has a special relationship with her grandchildren, so my heart breaks just thinking that something could potentially happen to her, her or any of the people that I love, but her particularly in a very special way.

Waiting for Magoo by the window back in Argentina.

Waiting for Magoo by the window back in Argentina.

Of course I know that we're just a flight away, but just thinking about that young man getting on a plane on his way to see his mother, just killed me. Mostly because I'm convinced the life we have comes down to the lived moments, and as my father taught me, those are the moments we treasure in the deepest parts of ourselves.

I'm not afraid of something happening to us, anything could happen here, there, or anywhere, really.  I'm not afraid of being mistaken with what I'm doing, because that's what life is for: to be lived, to own your life and make mistakes and fall and get up again and again.  I'm not afraid of a lot of things, but I am afraid of something happening to her and not being by her side.

Camila Lavori