Far away from home and missing it

It's that time of the year that I love so much, that time of the year I enjoy so much, I love Christmas time, New Year's, December and the heat of the summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  

We made a choice to be very far away from home during this time of the year, we're in Wellington, New Zealand.  Mechi and Brendan have lent us their wonderful home while they've gone to spend the holidays in Argentina, the place where all my loved ones are, those with whom I love spending the holidays with.

I thought I was going to be so sad and that I was going to miss Argentina and my loved ones so much, and in some ways I do feel like that, but at the same time I'm happy to experience a different kind of Christmas with my children and my husband.  Can we really feel both sadness and joy at the same time?  Is it truly true or truly not true?  Well, here I am and I'm feeling both, and I realize that  I have felt both many times throughout my life, but deep inside I know that one of them is the one that I genuinely feel the most, and I feel that I let my heart down when I don't follow what I feel or when I don't listen to my heart.


Some time ago, Mica, a very special person in my life, healed me with the use of crystals and told me that my heart was asking for me to listen to it, so my wish for this new year, is to listen to it, listen to it in detail, to stop covering it up with so many thoughts and to particularly stop listening to others.  

Listening to ourselves, do you do that often?  do you truly listen to yourselves? or do you think you are listening but you are really listening to the outside? to that which we 'must be', that which 'must be followed.'?


So my deepest wish this year is that we each listen to ourselves, because if we don't listen to our own selves, then who will listen to us?

Camila Lavori