Long time. Uruguay.

Hace tiempo que no escribo por acá. Los que nos siguen, saben que escribo mucho por Instagram. Pero hoy me senté a ordenar la web y me pasé un largo rato leyendo todo lo que ya había escrito, mirando fotos, sonriendo al mismo tiempo que me caían lágrimas de maravilla, miedo, pánico, orgullo, grandeza, sin rumbo, con rumbo, en fin, varios sentimientos como verán. Vengo hace días pensando mucho, aunque como se que no tengo que pensar tanto, vengo hace días sintiendo mucho. Asi que como necesitaba aclarar algunas cosas, acá estoy escribiendo.

After our arrival in Buenos Aires, we came to Punta del Este, that place where we had come many times on vacation and the one that always called us in some way. We were staying at my mother-in-law's in Argentina and we needed our space, but since we still had nothing decided, then we came to Punta del Este.

Our time here is already 5 months. We spent a very cold winter, the one that breaks the bones, living in a very lonely town where at the same time there were so many magical people that made us feel at home from minute one. The boys went to school, a beautiful one, of those we like. We made friends, we created new things, but above all, we rested from so much movement and let decant so much change and feelings.

We love this place, he took amazing things from each one. We swear to leave next winter, but now that it is summer, we forget those wet days, sleeping with a wool hat, hot water bottle and camper in the bed, and we are enjoying the beach, surfing, friends and family. It is rare to explain this place, we feel very connected with the people who are here, I think because somehow we are all in the same search, of tranquility, of peace, of security, of finding ourselves.


Beni went to school so happy, Blas asked for a surfboard for his birthday and he didn't get off anymore, they became magical friends, of those forever. We saw whales. They had their birthday on the beach with almost 90 people, Magoo came to visit several times, enjoyed grandparents, aunts and friends, too. Arawi, who is a magical soul, was my yoga teacher, friend and guide at this time and literally had her in front of the house. We started new projects that filled us and made us see that we can. Anyway, we love this place and now the question is, what's next? Well, I am looking for that answer in me too, because we are happy in too many places and in too many ways, so we will see what our next step holds. Meanwhile, please stay by our side.

Camila Lavori