I’m Blas. I love surf, travel, sports and I’m super sweet and funny.


I’m Benicio. I love football, travel, art, numbers and I love to laugh.


I’m Camila. I love yoga, design in every way, photography, travel and I love to be happy.


I’m Arturo. I love golf, photography, travel and I love to see things in different ways.

Believe that if if you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

In 2017 we sold everything we had and started a new life adventure, travel the world, without planning where to go, just getting into the plane without a hotel booked and with two backpacks full of enthusiasm, adrenaline, fear and no expectations. This adventure aimed to live every day as the last one, enjoying the present moment with its ups and downs. Believe us, where lots of ¨downs¨, but the ¨ups¨ where so good and unbelievable ¨ups¨, that our life changed was the most amazing decision we’ve made as a family so far.

Spending 24/7 together was no easy, but seeing Beni & Blas grow, play and learn beside us, made all the crowed day by day, just amazing.

Our trip continues, depending on each time of our lives, slower or faster, but something we know it is we will travel forever. Doesn’t matter if we’re moving or not, travelling inside & outside is now our lifestyle.